Writer/Director – Paul Cuoco

Paul Cuoco is an award-winning writer-director and themed entertainment designer. Known for his war-based dramatic films Inheritance, Glazed, and the action-fantasy Mercy, Paul crafted his first comedy with The Specimen. He decided to make the film when his own attempts at procreation proved to be unexpectedly hilarious.

Inheritance was about my grandfather’s first-hand experience with the holocaust. The Specimen has a fart orchestra. That’s quite a change of pace, but both stories came from a deeply personal core and reflect the sensibility and emotional state I was in at those moments in time.”

Paul hails from Massachusetts but escaped the snow to sunny Los Angeles where he lives with his wife Dara and two adopted cats. He is currently working on The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for Universal Studios Hollywood and developing new original projects for the web, television, and film.