The Interrupters

John Dunne one of the Interrupters

People have asked me after looking at the Cast & Crew page, how I could possibly have a cast of eight actors for this film?  “Isn’t it about a man’s intimate moment with a specimen cup?”  My answer is, “Yes it is, but it also takes place in an unlocked public restroom.”    Perhaps the log line should be “A man, a public restroom, and his not so intimate moment making love to a specimen cup.”

That’s what the film is really about.   How does someone complete this intimate private moment, while dealing with the embarrassing distractions of other people coming and going from this public restroom?

While I’ve talked about Brian Pope and his excellent turn as our exasperated hero, I have to give props to our talented cast of “interrupters” whose improvisation and delivery continually kept me surprised and laughing.  I specifically cast actors with improv skills for these roles so we could try a lot of different things on set.  The results were as hilarious as I hoped.

The “interrupters” In order of appearance (I’ve intentionally left the character names off the cast list to keep their moments as surprising as possible):

  • Alex Pino
  • Nathaniel Orr
  • John Dunne
  • Michael Musa
  • Jim Jones
  • JK Koepfli

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